It's been a looooonngg time since I've made a post. What has been up while I was gone?? So many things!

     Well, enjoy summer was at the top of my list, but among other things, working on commissions, working on a side project with my sisters, (@tainasisters,, work, and made sure to take time out for a vacation. 

     But now as school has started and summer is coming to an end, we get back into the craziness of busy schedules. Along with all the craziness already in my life I started yet another semester. I've had so many people tell me.. "You're nuts! How do you do school with everything else you're alread doing?" Yes, I do admit, it's pretty tough, both kids are in school/daycare, my daughter is starting gymastics classes, I'm still running both website, (,, and now school.

     This semester I'm taking two Art History classes that are required with my major. I'm taking them online since it's much easier than getting into a physical classroom at the moment, and I can go at my own pace. Online classes aren't for everyone, they require actual discipline and responsibility, but lucky for me, those are two things I have and can get the classes done. Now don't think for one second that mommy duties stop at any point. If you see from the picture above, sometimes I have to multitask it. I make sure the kids are fed and settled in their activites, and then I can punch away for a bit. I try to plan my schoolwork around my sons naps most of the time since he tends to go down for one 2-3 hour nap at any point in the day. My daughter, who will be 7 in less than 2 weeks, can usually keep herself entertained as long as she's been fed lol.

     Along with my two classes this semester I'll be working on finishing one more commission piece I have. From there I'll be putting a pause on taking commission orders so that I can focus on some of my own work. I want to focus on a few pieces for Taina Sisters, and a few for my site. I've been playing with several different themes so once I have what those are I'll share the process :) Until next time... and I'll try not to wait another 2 months between posts lol!