Hey all!

So this has been a crazy few weeks for me, as some of you know my sisters and I launched our Taina Sisters website (tainasisters.com). Here we are educating and spreading awareness of our latin culture. What's cool about the site is that we didn't focus on just art, we are including recipes (YUM!!), music, other artists, and events. It has been such a long process but it was well worth it. We couldn't be happier with the launch.

This being said... my nights have been pretty sleepless. I'm also working on two commissions still, which God bless their souls, for the patience they have had with me. And once those are done I will be working full force on my artwork for the July show I will be in. Make sure to check out  my events page so you know what's going down!

Side note, so with all this business I haven't had much time to myself. However that being said, I've still made sure to take the time to brush my hair! Haha, in my previous post I spoke about how difficult it can be for a momma bear to get things done and still have time for herself. While a lot of these days have been super exhausting, if I don't take that extra two seconds for myself I know I'll completely wear out. So it's super important to do little things like that. My fitness has fallen short but I have made sure that at the very minimum I'm getting one to two workouts a week and at the worst, just watching how I eat. Remember, if you don't take care of yourself.. no one else will!

Ps. Very new to blogging, so any constructive criticism is welcome! DM me @artbylils