I am a 32 year old artist, mother of 2, wifey, full time employee, fit mom, and student! On a day to day basis my day is full of tons of things that need to get done at work, at home, etc. A usual day is as follows: wake up early, get the kids ready for school and daycare, get everyone fed, get myself ready for work, go to work, pick the kids up then start dinner, or start dinner while I wait for them to arrive home, workout, make art, post to my website and spend time promoting my small business, and if during a school semester, finding time to study. My days are full of so many thing to do and so very little time to rest. I do get lots of help, my boyfriend alternates with me on days to drop the kids off, my family, or my boyfriend will pick the kids up, he’ll babysit if I have to step out quickly, etc. However the tasks still pile up! 

So many women out there are in the same boat as me, whether a stay at home mom or a full time employee or business owner, many of us have so many things on our plate that it gets difficult for us to really get things done, or to take a few minutes for ourselves, whether it be to take a breather or change the shirt your child threw up on and maybe apply a little make up before stepping out of the house. Some of us come up with so many excuses for why we couldn’t get something done for ourselves that we would like to, for example, workout! We start with the, “I didn’t have time to workout today,” and later, “My hair looks fine,” when we haven’t even put a brush to it.. Eventually we get stuck in this cycle of giving excuses and accepting the lies that we eventually just let ourselves go! 

We don’t have to be so miserable though!! Yes there are times where I’m pretty tired and have to make a decision whether to plow through or take a break, but when you are working towards something you really want, all the hard work can seem like just steps along the way! I wanted start this blog because I want to show women, more specifically other moms out there, that despite our busy lives, you too can reach and achieve your goals as well as take good care of yourself, while still taking care of your family.