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My Art

I am an artist born and raised in Philadelphia. As a child I fell in love with art and spent many of my days attending art workshops, watching and attending fashion and art shows, or just sitting at home sketching or painting. As a little girl my aunt was my biggest influence with her own love of art and fashion. Over the years while I never lost my love in art it seemed almost impossible for me to take time out to create any. It wasn't until a few years ago that I decided to once again make time for my biggest passion and share it with my friends, family, and the world. The love and support I've gotten so far has been amazing. I work with all kinds of media from acrylic to spray paint, pencils to markers, paper to canvas and everything in between. ​My love for art doesn't stop there. My little girl also shares the same love as I do. And while she's only 6 years old she enjoys painting and drawing as much as I do. Art is one thing that I will definitely pass along. 
Fashion was my first true love. But after that once I saw work by Dali, Dore, DaVinci, and Warhol I was fascinated. While I don't have a style like theirs I still draw inspiration from them.

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